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Greetings, Friend! If you received a Golden Ticket, it means someone who cares about you is very interested in helping you achieve your fitness goals. 

The Golden Ticket


1115 SE Salmon St Portland, OR 97214


Golden Ticket Training Application

If this interests you, fill out the application below. If it doesn't, consider giving your Golden Ticket back to your gifter so they may pass it on to someone else who could benefit. 

What is a Golden Ticket?

A Golden Ticket is a very exclusive offer to help you jump start your fitness program. These can only be gifted from Elevation Kinetics training clients and they only receive 2 per year to give. 

What Do I Get?

 A Golden Ticket is worth One Month of Unlimited Semi Private Training, a $465 value. Yes. (The Unlimited is our cadillac package, the most you can get. We have training packages that range from $35-$465/month). What you canget  from a month of unlimited training depends on how much effort you put in, but if you make it to at least 2 training sessions per week (with Unlimited you could do up to 6, but that's probably not necessary), follow the nutrition guidelines we set up together, and stay active on your own, you can expect to:

  • Drop up to 8lbs of body fat and/or gain 1-2lbs of muscle (depending on your goals)
  • Increase your strength by up to 30%
  • Improve your energy and stamina
  • Improve performance in your sport such as running, soccer, tennis, golf, and more
  • Reduce stress
  • Sleep better at night
  • Feel better about yourself, improve confidence, and improve relationships
  • Feel happier

You'll also get personalized training and nutrition programs to take home!

Golden Ticket