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Training options

We have lots of options available. Let's see what right for you. Contact us to schedule your complimentary Initial Fitness Consultation today!

Private Personal Training

Our private, or one-on-one personal training includes 55-minute and 25-minute sessions. Private personal training is a great way to go if you're just starting out or prefer your own time slot. If you are limited on time the 25 minute express personal training sessions get it done-- all you have to do is show up

Semi Private personal training

With semi private personal training you'll share your personal training time with up to 3 others. You'll still have your own personalized program tailored for your goals and needs, but you'll share gym space and some of your trainer's attention. This is good for people who are independent and able to focus well on their own, and for people who like having others around. It's fun.

small group personal training

These group personal training sessions focus on conditioning and are run like mini boot camps. They're an economical way to great a an amazing all-liover workout. The environment is friendly and supportive, and the 55-minute session goes by fast. Get in great shape and make new friends at the same time!

Create a Goal, Make a Plan, Achieve Success

Here's how it works: During your initial personal training consultation, we'll sit down and discuss what your goals are, whether it's weight loss, muscle toning, improving stamina and fitness levels, or something specific to your sport. We'll look at  what your lifestyle is like and your current fitness level. We'll create an action plan-- a plan of attack. After a fitness assessment we'll start designing a workout plan tailored to your body, with your fitness level, goals, and lifestyle in mind. You'll receive workouts to do on your own to round out your program when we're not working out together as well as nutritional guidance to drive results.


We all know lifelong fitness is more than just a workout. Our results based services include fitness programs that integrate the time you spend working out with us AND the times you're not. With programs that cover what to do when you're on your own, including fitness and nutrition plans, you'll be taking responsibility for your own health and fitness

Get a Coach, Get Results

 Interested in improving your fitness level? Changing how your body looks and feels? Personal training is the most efficient and effective way to make that happen. Get the coaching you need to make positive changes to your body and your life. Is time an issue? We'll make a program you can fit workouts into your busy days. Do you wonder if you can afford the cost of personal training? Personal training isn't out of reach... everybody deserves a fit, healthy body and we have programs and services that fit into every budget.

Personal training Services