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I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy for years, and always look forward to my sessions with her. Kathy is a trainer who goes above and beyond for her clients, from organizing challenging contests, weekly FREE running groups, nutrition consults, as well as hosting outdoor adventures throughout the Northwest. Kathy makes sure that her clients see results including weight loss, muscle formation, and physical capabilities. I highly recommend Kathy!

​- Alexis C.

The studio space is awesome. Everyone there is friendly, but it's never crowded. It feels luxurious to walk into a studio where everyone is committed to working out and all there is no one there working out without a trainer. I never have to wait for a machine or think about what's next. Kathy does it all. The online scheduling and appointment reminders are perfect for me. They allow me flexibility, which I need. I love being able to look at Kathy's schedule and plugging myself in where ever I see a time that works for me. I also love that Kathy is always committed to working me out, even when I think I've got excuses. She has trained me when I was sick (a special workout to help me get over my cold, but not aggravate my sinuses.) She is currently training me while I have a foot injury. Her creativity ensures I get a great workout, without harming my foot at all. I'm currently trying to loose weight and rehabilitate an arm injury. I'm feeling so much stronger every day, and I've lost ten pounds. I'm looking forward to continuing my progress with Kathy's supervision and guidance. I have no doubt that I'll be successful.​​  

​- Suzanne C.

Kathy is an amazing personal trainer, both in what I accomplish in my time with her, as well as what I'm able to accomplish in my time away from her. Every week I get a an awesome work out, but the whole time it feels like I'm just hanging out and playing with a friend. Kathy knows when to push me and when I'm holding back. While we are working out, she asks me about my plans for the week to make sure I'm making good food choices as well as getting in enough exercise. She's realistic; Kathy helps me set different goals depending on what the week ahead holds (birthdays, out-of-town guests, busy work schedule.) Another thing I appreciate about Kathy is that she makes me goal set- and reward myself for accomplishing my goals. I would never do this on my own. 

"As a summer bride to be, I knew I needed to put in some work to get those wedding ready shoulders and arms. I was introduced to Kathy at Elevation Kinetics by a friend and have been so happy with my results in just 3 months! I told Kathy my goals and she has been amazing at helping me achieve them.

"KATHY ROCKS!  I've been working with personal trainers for a long time and Kathy is one of the best... Kind of a momma bear with dumbbells and a medicine ball.."

- Julie A.

getting results

We're known for getting results, both quick and long lasting, from a combination of nutrition and lifestyle coaching, innovative exercise program design, and... most important... loving support and persistence. Scroll down to see what clients have to say. 

Success stories

"I have always wanted a trainer and am lucky to have found Kathy Rogers. Kathy is a fabulous trainer.  She is very motivational and encourages me to reach beyond what I think I can do. She always knows when to push me further and helps me to stay focused and determined. She helps me set reasonable goals for my life and encourages me along the way to keep me on track. Kathy is not only an excellent trainer but also a wonderful friend. She genuinely cares about each of her clients and takes personal interest in their lives. I have been working out with Kathy for the last 6 months and have already begun to transform my body.  I highly suggest Kathy Rogers for a personal trainer".

​- April S.

results in 6 winners announced

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Elevation Kinetics Results in 6 Challenge. Most people had the expected 5-10lbs of weight loss, and we had some exceptional transformations as well. Our winner, Lakshmi Parker, lost over 16lbs and won our Grand Prize of $300 cash.  Here Lakshmi is before and after as well as a few pictures from our top "losers." 

Two years ago I was taking the physical tests for the Clark County Sheriff’s office and Vancouver Police Department, which include a minimum and a maximum for push-ups, sit-ups (timed), along with a 300 meter sprint and 1 ½ mile run (also timed). I was running at the time but not doing any strength workouts. I barely passed the push-ups and had to retest to pass the sit-ups with some individualized coaching from the test proctor. I didn't get hired that time around, and had put it on the back burner for a while. The entire hiring process is very long and I had gotten a job with great benefits, so I put off testing again until this past April. I registered the week before the testing, so I had no chance to pre-test to gauge how I might do.

However, I had been working out with Kathy doing group training every week - this is a great deal, you get an hour long workout (if you don’t vomit) with a kick-ass personal trainer, and make new friends. I was also usually getting in a second workout when possible. My session partners and Kathy were ridiculously positive and persistent that I would do just fine as my anxiety started to mount when I was talking about it in our session that week.Testing day is a cattle call, you sit for 2 hours taking a written test, then it’s out to the track for the 300 where it’s first come first serve, so people lose all manners and become very self-serving. After that you go in the gym and the line wraps literally around ¾ of the gymnasium. I was in the middle of doing my push-ups when I got to 28, I stopped held myself in the up position asked the proctor “What is my max?” “35” he says, so I push out another 7 push-ups without even breaking a sweat. Then the dreaded sit-ups, I was nervous but after the push-ups I was beginning to think, “maybe I’m in pretty good shape?” and by the time I got to the sit-ups, I was straight-up cocky about it! I made 32 sit-ups with almost 10 seconds to spare.Testing day results: 300 meters sprint = max points; Push-ups = max points; Sit-ups = max points; 1½ mile run = max points. All of these results are measurable and a tribute to Kathy’s method of madness. I had worked out with her for a couple of years doing 30 minute sessions and always felt great and in decent shape, but when I started doing the group sessions (hour long workouts) I would get to 35 minutes and say to myself, “Dear God, make it STOP!” But it wouldn’t and I lived through all of them, and today I am in great shape. I would highly recommend giving Kathy a try if you are looking for personal training, individually or in a group setting, but only if you really want results and don’t mind getting pushed to try and do new things!

​- Shawn R.

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I’ve been on a long weight-loss journey over the years, slowly getting the weight off. After my first meeting with Kathy, I knew that I would finally get to my end goals with her. She’s pretty much the best! She pushes you, supports you, laughs and sweats with you. Kathy understands what a personal process this is and fast becomes a supportive friend you can’t imagine going without. I highly recommend Kathy Rogers to anyone, no matter what your goals are: slimming down, bulking up, achieving fitness goals, or just living a healthier lifestyle.

​- Krysta D.

"Kathy is a phenomenal trainer! She has been my trainer for 3 years, and during that time she has helped me win a weight loss competition and rehab a couple injuries. When I said I wanted to climb Mt. St. Helens, she helped me train for it and climbed it with me. She was also by my side when I rode a bike for the first time 20 years after a bike accident. I have had trainers before, but none have been as encouraging and motivating as Kathy. I highly recommend her for both group training and one-on-one!"

​- Becky E.

 I took part in her Results in 6 week fitness program and have lost 16 lbs and my shoulders already look ready for my wedding! Kathy is great in your hour of training, but is also really good at helping you with what you are eating and giving great recipes to take home as well. I am so happy I don't have to be a bride that crash diets before her wedding, I feel ready and and can just enjoy the rest of the summer in tank tops! I plan on keeping with Kathy for a long time, I know I can trust her to motivate and guide me. And any day now I will be getting in those pull ups!!!"

- Giselle E.